Baliza is an
full-service agency.

With a unique cross-cultural model we build meaningful connections between brands and a diverse marketplace. We are focused to understand the multicultural Hispanic brand insights and deliver the right message to their potential customers in order to cover the targeted audience.

Meet the

Kelly George


Shelly Brewer

VP of Operations

Darren Mize

Head of Business Development

Our Mission

Our mission is to transfigure brands through barriers and languages, and to make a difference in the way we strategically approach our campaigns. We aim to have our audience feel like they’re being heard and that their needs as a consumer are being taken care into consideration; that we are speaking directly to them. Not just translating an overall message.

Our Vision

Our vision goes beyond to what a traditional media agency does, we want to reach further and work with communities that have been marginalized in the market. We want to give them a platform and help brands to understand their niche and the proper ways they can advertise and sell their products or services.

There are many ways
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