Who are we

We speak Spanish

We may have a new name, but our expertise has a long history. Beacon was once Media Connect Partners, a faith-based social media agency in South Florida that specialized in social media platform management and live event streaming. In 2016 Media Connect Partners became one of the BrandStar family of companies.

We wanted to stay true to our roots but recognized the importance and benefits of other marketing tactics which we quickly added to enhance our offering to the faith-based community.  Specializing in working with Christianity associated churches, leaders, museums, authors and more, members of this team are built with traditional values and are well versed in The Bible, its teachings and how they are played out today.

In 2021 Baliza became the newest member of our family focusing on the Hispanic community and it’s needs. We don’t simply translate, we transfigure messaging to speak authentically to the Hispanic community and remain rooted in our original core beliefs.